Lights On Is a Bright Idea


For bicyclists, cycling with a light may seem like a no-brainer while traveling at night. However, according to a study by Madsen, Andersen and Lahrmann called “Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles,” cycling with a light at all times—yes, even during the day—can reduce bicycle accidents by 19 percent. Trek says that 80 […]


Driving Distracted – It Can Wait!


Smartphones are convenient and cutting-edge, bringing the world right to your fingertips. Along with all of the benefits of using a smartphone come the many different distractions that fit right into the palm of your hand. Maps, music, social media, talking on the phone—these distractions are just as hazardous as texting and driving. The City […]


See and Be Seen!


With the approach of fall and winter upon us, it’s important to recognize the implications the season change will have on road conditions—specifically for pedestrians and bicyclists. Fall weather means cool, crisp air and pops of color along the road as the leaves change, but it also means an earlier onset of darkness and, often, […]


Transportation Safety Survey Results


Throughout the month of July, Auburn citizens participated in our Transportation Safety Survey. From July 8 through July 22, hundreds of citizens offered us their feedback on transportation safety in Auburn and shared their knowledge of the rules of the road. This information will help us to determine areas of focus for future campaigns and […]


Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who has helped make Travel With Care’s 2016 campaign Know When To Go a success! From the hardworking volunteers who offered their time to the countless citizens who contacted us with their transportation safety concerns, you all have played a huge role in keeping the streets of Auburn safe. Please reach […]


Mayor Bill Ham Speaks on #KnowWhenToGo


Missed Mayor Bill Ham’s column in this Saturday’s edition of the Opelika-Auburn News? Read it here! Some of you have been calling City Hall with a question. What are the bowties currently found on some street signs in Auburn? In response, I have a question for you. Do you know when to go? As to […]


Take Our Transportation Safety Survey


Do you know when to go? Travel With Care, established by the City of Auburn and Auburn University to address transportation safety concerns in the Auburn city limits, is launching its 2016 campaign. Start your renewed focus on transportation safety by participating in this year’s survey. This summer’s campaign theme is “#KnowWhenToGo,” focusing on failure […]

travel with care website

Travel With Care Launches New Website


The City of Auburn and Auburn University have launched a new website for their annual transportation safety campaign, Travel With Care. The new website,, will help to further explain traffic laws and educate Auburn citizens and Auburn University students about frequent transportation mistakes and unsafe habits. “People become repetitive in their actions as they […]