Consider this: Most drivers are more scared of hitting a bicyclist than they are of hitting another car! As a bicyclist, it’s up to you to make sure you ride your bicycle in a way that makes others around you comfortable. Learn more about safe cycling here.

Ride with traffic as if you are a vehicle!

Courtesy Ontario Ministry of Transportation

As a bicyclist, you have all the same rights as a driver does because your bicycle is legally a vehicle. This means that bicyclists must ride with traffic the same way that drivers do, and running a red light or stop sign is still illegal. Obey all traffic signs, and do not weave in and out of traffic. Be respectful to other commuters on the road.

Use Bicycle Lights at Night

Bicycling at night is something that many bicyclists enjoy, but it’s important to be safe while you do it! The law requires bicycle to have a front light and rear reflector when being ridden at night. Take your safety one step further by equipping your bicycle with a rear red light and an additional, flashing front headlight. The flashing light will help others travelers to recognize you as a moving object, not a street light. Riding without a light can lead to serious collisions!

Bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks downtown or on campus.

How many times have you seen a bicyclist and thought, “Get on the sidewalk where you belong!” In reality, in downtown Auburn and on Auburn University’s campus, bicycling on the sidewalk is illegal. Remember, bicycles are legally vehicles! Dismount and walk your bicycle when you’re on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk. Collisions between bicyclists and pedestrians happen more often than those between bicyclists and drivers.

Wear a Helmet!

Not wearing a helmet is just as foolish as not wearing a seat belt. The majority of bicycle fatalities involve a bicyclist who wasn’t wearing a helmet. The law requires bicyclists under the age of 16 to wear a helmet, but it’s a smart decision for bicyclists of all ages. Don’t put your life at risk for a fashion statement- Wear a helmet!

Don’t Cycle Distracted!

Having the same rights as a driver means certain distractions are just as dangerous behind the handlebars as they are behind the wheel, including wearing headphones. Headphones can drastically reduce a bicyclist’s reaction time and greatly increase the chances of injury due to an accident. Wearing an ear bud in just one ear allows you to safely listen to music or take calls and be aware of your surroundings.

Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians on campus.

Enough said.