The Fight for the Streets

product-img4It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. We’re all too familiar with driving down the road only to have a pedestrian step out in front of us, walking down the sidewalk to feel a bicyclist narrowly zip past or cycling in your designated lane to be nearly hit by a turning car.

Between cars, bicyclists and pedestrians, staking your claim on the street is an ongoing battle. But it shouldn’t be.

Instead of focusing on what other people should do, know what YOU need to do to be a responsible traveler. Different rules apply in different situations, and you’re accountable for knowing when to go. It takes some effort, but by familiarizing yourself with the rules of the road, you can help bring safety and courtesy back to the streets of Auburn.
Read more about the ongoing fight for the streets here.
Article courtesy of The New Yorker and Maria Konnikova.



Pay attention to your surroundings and give nonverbal signals to the drivers and bicyclists around you to let them know where you’re headed. Be an intelligent pedestrian, not an entitled one.
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When bicycling, it’s up to you to make sure you ride your bicycle in a way that makes others around you comfortable. Treat yourself as a vehicle.
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As the captain of your car, it’s your duty to act responsibly behind the wheel. Drive like your family is in the car, in the crosswalk or on the bicycle next to you.
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Transit service in and around Auburn is a viable means of transportation and is the second most popular way Auburn University students get to and from campus. Transits are too big to ignore.
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