Transit service in and around Auburn is a viable means of transportation and is the second most popular way Auburn University students get to and from campus. No matter the transit you ride, it’s important to remember these points to arrive to your destination safely. Learn more about Auburn’s transit services here.

It’s not a school bus – Cars don’t stop.

Transit buses are not school buses. Unlike for a school bus, drivers aren’t required to stop for a transit that is loading or unloading. Be aware that cars may not stop for you as you approach or exit the transit!

Allow riders to depart before you get on.

Courteous transit etiquette ensures a comfortable ride for everyone on board. Please allow riders departing the bus to exit before you board.

Let the bus pull away before you cross the street, and cross the street behind the bus.

Once the transit has arrived at your stop, use caution before crossing the street. Always cross the street behind the bus, and better yet, allow the transit to pull away before you cross so you can clearly see any oncoming traffic.

Cars shouldn’t pass on a double yellow, but they do. Watch out!

By law, drivers and bicyclists are prohibited from passing other vehicles on a double yellow line, BUT they sometimes do. Watch out for vehicles that may illegally pass a stopped transit.

If you need to unload a bicycle, tell the driver so he will know to wait for you.

Bicycles can be loaded onto the transits in Auburn, making it even easier to navigate the city and Auburn University campus quickly and cost efficiently. If you need to unload your bicycle after exiting the transit, tell the driver so he/she will know to wait for you.