Lights On Is a Bright Idea


For bicyclists, cycling with a light may seem like a no-brainer while traveling at night. However, according to a study by Madsen, Andersen and Lahrmann called “Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles,” cycling with a light at all times—yes, even during the day—can reduce bicycle accidents by 19 percent.

Trek says that 80 percent of all accidents involving a bicyclist happen during the daytime. Riding with a light on your bicycle at all times will create more visual awareness for the travelers around you and help keep you safe.

Motorcyclists are required to have their lights on at all times for the same reasoning, so why wouldn’t a bicyclist follow suit? Bike lights will not only increase your own visibility as a bicyclist, but also allow others to see you better to avoid an accident. Make sure you know when and how to go, and #TravelWithCare.

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